Some History about EPSO.

After the launch in 2016 of our brand new EPSO range, INTERFLEX is pleased to announce the arrival of the EPSO X series.
Cornerstone of our choice was our desire to create a unique way to globally supply end markets.
We started in 2016 with blocks and sheets with our EPSO 11 – 12 – 80 and EPSO 100

And followed by rolls by joining our blocks with a unique process to create a joint as soft as possible. But it was not enough for our team and for our ambitions to always being a LEADING SOLUTION PROVIDER.

Now the EPSO X introduce a Brand New name for our EXTRUDED SEMI OPEN CELL EPDM in continuous rolls ! (without joints)

If you would like to get more information, full technical data sheet of our different EPSO grades or samples, please send your inquiry to :
[email protected]