After the continuous steady implementation of our Original EPK 11 Semi closed EPDM in many automotive areas , INTERFLEX Foams is now launching a complete global range under the new Brand Name « E P S O ».

The EPSO range has been Engineered and designed for best performances in SEALING – SOUND ABSORBING – SOFTNESS CONTROL – HEAT RESISTANCE. With the EPSO Range, INTERFLEX hold one of the broadest Europe Semi closed / Open cell range fit for Automotive applications from Pillar Wind Noise to HVAC Seals etc …

Let’s discover our various grades / densities / Material presentations from 60Kg /M3 up to 130 Kg / M3. EPSO EPDM Range is perfectly designed for sealing complex surfaces and uneven gaps with very low Compression deflection Ratios and Excellence in compression set , even under severe High temperatures. Choosing EPSO Range is a perfect combination between high performance and Reasonable Price .

Pour obtenir la fiche technique complete, merci de consulter notre équipe.


InterflexEPSO FR