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INTERFLEX & RUBATEX® cooperation for US – CANADIAN market.

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Dear Customers

GCP Industrial Products, owner of RUBATEX® Cellular Rubber and INTERFLEX Foams are pleased to announce a new cooperation which sees the two companies unite for the global foam and sponge marketplace, mainly dedicated for the US – CANADIAN markets.
RUBATEX® is a renowned US brand synonymous with the cellular rubber industry. Having first started closed cell rubber production in 1935, RUBATEX® pioneered many materials including the first Neoprene foam for wetsuits, as well as products for the Apollo space program.
INTERFLEX Foams is a distinguished European organization with over 35 years of experience in closed cell and semi closed cell bun production. Supplying both the European and Asian marketplaces, INTERFLEX provides its customers excellent high grade technical materials including Sulfur cured – sulfur free and semi closed cell products.

The combination represents each organization’s strong commitment to further enhance our global presence and increase our product offering for US Fabricators. With production plants based in US, Europe, Asia customers can benefit from the many worldwide approvals and international team of experts. RUBATEX® and INTERFLEX are devoted to supplying the marketplace with a comprehensive combination of both closed cell and semi closed cell bun production.
RUBATEX® will be exhibiting at FOAM EXPO in Novi (MI) (28th February – 2nd March) . INTERFLEX Team will provide technical presence during this event.
Looking forward to meeting you.

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InterflexINTERFLEX & RUBATEX® cooperation for US – CANADIAN market.

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