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Following more than 30 Years experience in the cellular Rubber Industry and a leading Europe presence in the sponge rubber bloc manufacturing together with the ex VOLCREPE (UK) group have lead the Interflex Management Team to build up a new philosophy in the conception, development , manufacture and distribution of Rubber foam sponges in Europe since 2005.

As many markets have now become global, Interflex manufacturing centers are located around the world according to where our corresponding raw materials will be best formulated for our customer applications. Our International Team of Experts is dedicated to ever challenging businesses and thus making Interflex a leading company constantly developing new grades or formulations to meet the highest standards of the markets.

Our long term vision and strategic localization of our production centers make INTERFLEX your key partner for mutual success .

Excellence in our material properties is the core of our day to day manufacturing program to make of Interflex range the “ Closed Cell Rubber Worldwide “ N°1 reference.

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